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Football Party Catering

Super Bowl Playboy Party

Super Bowl Playboy Party

It is that time a year again, with little less than a month away, the NFL Kickoff is fast approaching this September 4th. Along side the NFL kickoff, many of us Fantasy Football fans will be having draft parties weeks before that. The fantasy league draft is the best place to get together and talk trash to your friends about the upcoming season. Every one wants to prove they are the draft gurus and believes their team is going all the way! Of course, if your team starts off 0-5, you pretty much are severely demoralized and hoping for a miracle by that point.

For your next big football party or draft, have the event catered! Nothing makes a good time better, than great food. At Marquis food service we offer terrific catering for any event. Marquis FoodService catered the Playboy Superbowl Party in Detroit, and can make your next party and event to be remembered. Need chicken, potato salad, or beef for your party? Marquis Foodservices has it, with great carry out prices.

Marquis Foodservice has a large variety of menus and options to choose from. When looking for football party catering for the kickoff or your fantasy draft, choose Marquis Foodservice. Give us a call today at 734 721-9535 or use our convenient form, and learn what Marquis Foodservice can do for you.